How To Be confident.

Less than an hour ago my dance teacher told me she wouldn’t put me through for the exam because I wasn’t confident enough… So how do I be confident?

People say confidence isn’t something you can get over night or tell your self ‘I am confident ‘ and you suddenly take pride in yourself. So how can I become confident in less than 4 months? All of a sudden I want to work harder in science so I can create a ‘confidence pill’.

When you google the word confidence this is what comes up:

the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something

Personally I believe I would be able to pass the exam if she put me in… so either she’s lying and I’m literally bad at dance or i come across as an un-confident character when i dance… I don’t know which is worse.

So how do i gain confidence? Here’s somethings I found helped:

  • get a jar and every week write a note with one thing that made you happy on it, by the end of a period of time / a time you feel unhappy look at the notes. Something that i also like because it’s slightly more destructive, write something that you don’t like, it can be about yourself or just an issue that’s particularly been bugging you, and burn it because it doesn’t matter and you don’t want want to let it effect you anymore.
  • practice what ever it is that you aren’t confident about, for me this would be dance or if you aren’t confident in your french vocab or winged eyeliner or making conversation practice till you are.
  • Ask someone for advice.

That’s just a few examples of what i find best, if you want more I’m sure there’s loads on google.

If you happen to be reading and are a professional, I’m only a teenager and I’m not trained in this stuff don’t batter me, haha!

AND please send me what you find works because I want to be as confident as possible so I’m not left in this dance class alone :’)

Thanks for reading lots of love 

Olive / sociallysalty xxx



Hey There!

Hi, I’m Olive and welcome to my Blog.

If I’m being honest i don’t expect anything to come of this, but I thought it would be fun to give it a shot? I don’t know what I’m trying to say but anyway, if there is anyone out there actually reading this; hey hey hey! Any way I’m starting this because I think I’m quite a ‘hot-headed’ person and if i don’t rant once in a while I start feeling low. I do have friends but I have a low self esteem and if i did talk to them about any of this, I’m scared they’ll get bored of me it doesn’t matter anyway I’m happy with my friends even if  I’m not a major part in ‘the group’ 

Anyway thanks for reading this welcome message I’m going to ‘blog’ about lifestyle, beauty, advice, stories, experiences and things like that, I hope you (anyone there ?) enjoy reading from the perspective of a teenage girl 

Olive </3

p.s I linked my Instagram on my main page, its @sociallysalty feel free to message me ideas or if you need someone to talk to I’m here and that goes for my mail too